New Year Bull — The beast of 2020

New Year Bull token is both a deflationary & DeFi token.

A team of skilled IT & Blockchain developers decided that now is the time for a token that is created to bring wealth to its holders by it’s core definition.

We are a team from America & Asia, with experience from IBM, Deloitte, Business House & Decentralized Ecosystems.

New Year Bull token is burning 90 % of it’s supply this year, potentially burning $ Millions to the public burn address

The team started with a 10 Million burn yesterday

They will continue to burn each day for the rest of 2020, bringing supply down and price up.

The team said; We are aiming at hitting a MarketCap at 100 Millions this year, which would be met when 10 Millions is in circulation at New Year Evening and Price for New Year Bull token hits $ 10 per NYB.

New Year Bull Token is performing a private sale prior Uniswap listing.

Price is 0.000250 ETH which is $ 0.0098, so a potential x100 from here, therefore the name New Year Bull.

Uniswap listing will start with the Price 0.000500 ETH, we can only guess what price will be after hitting Uniswap, this is all up to the market and community-members, with the specifications of New Year Bull we are on a Moon and Bull Mission for sure.


January 1TH 2021 will DeFi part start and 11 Million New Year Bull tokens will be unlocked and these will be sent out to holders in 2021, bringing more value to the ecosystem and the project New Year Bull.

Project Details




Private Sale


Behind New Year Bull & New Year Bull Defi & Now BullYear - WIN - WIN - WIN