Bull is about to be listed on:

CoinMarketCap & CoinGecko

Trading on 3 new exchanges on September 1st.




(in talk with more exchanges).

New Year Bull (NYB)

New Year Bull has full and verified profile on EtherScan with logo and full details. That way we avoid others making fake contracts.

Please read full info about the Bull Mission & Roadmap in this link:

Where can I buy New Year Bull, before it hits more exchanges / CMC / CoinGecko ?

You can buy direct with MetaMask following this link:


1. What is the New Year Bull?
It is an ERC-20 token that is both Deflationary, coming DeFi and an online meme. The “Bull” is our friendly mascot signifying strength and heralding the start of the long awaited Bull Run.

2. What is the Total Supply?
Initial supply is 210 million. There is a daily burn of about 1 million tokens leading to a 90% total burn by end of December 2020. This will leave us with a total supply of 21 million. Circulating supply by December 2020 will be at a maximum of 10 million. The remainder 11 million tokens will be distributed to hodlers from January-December 2021

3. What is the token address? https://etherscan.io/token/0x798A9055a98913835bBFb45a0BbC209438dcFD97

4. Is liquidity locked?
Yes, all liquidity on Uniswap is currently locked via Unicrypt.


5. When exchanges?
Asides Uniswap, we have confirmed listing on Mercatox, Cex24 and Etherflyer exchanges. Trading on these exchanges goes live by September 1st, 2020. Discussions with more exchanges are underway and will be announced in due course.

6. Was there ICO held?
No ICO was held only private sale
Private Sale Price 0.000250 ETH per NYB

7. What was Uniswap listing price?
Price on Uniswap 0.000500 ETH per NYB

8. What are plans and road map?
Staking begins by Q1 2021. Hodlers will benefit from the distribution of 11 million tokens. Details TBA.

9. What is the NYB Uniswap link

WE will burn 90 % of our supply until New Year Evening, when we hit 21 Million.

Burning 1 million a day, which can be seen here as evidence:


We welcome all to come and join our community 😀







Behind New Year Bull & New Year Bull Defi & Now BullYear - WIN - WIN - WIN