New Year Bull Migration

Migration took place 25th March.

Old tokens at the Ethereum chain is now useless, further other tokens than NYB BSC do we not support in the future.

Must Read for all holders !

New Year Bull Community are now stepping into a new chapter.

We have a new development team and we are thrilled to announce that we

are migrating to the Binance Smart Chain BEP20-format.

We have some exciting things we are working at, to be announced after we have done the migration.

This due to the nature of Ethereum and the cost and transaction speed which is not good for any community.

New Year Bull with the ticker NYB is migrating and other tokens that has been connected with NYB will not be supported by the new team in the future, that be one with the ticker NYBD and BYEAR.

New Year Bull NYB will also delist from exchanges since old chain will not be valid.

New Exchange at launch will be Pancakeswap, which is similar to Uniswap, just with low trading cost.

Swap Ratio will be 1:1 for New Year Bull NYB

2.1 Million Initially Supply at Binance Smart Chain.

Supply will increase over time, 21 Million after launch, for the farming and rewards for people who adds liquidity, we have farming in mind, that will launch after the swap.

What do you need to do to get the new token at the Binance Smart Chain ?

Step 1:

Those that has New Year Bull at Exchanges, has to withdraw it to Metamask.

Important to only send it to the Ethereum Network.

You also have to setup Metamask to support Binance Smart Chain.

Download Guides Metamask, Supported PC, Android, iOS:

Step 2:

From your Ethereum wallet at Metamask you then have to send your New Year Bull NYB to this burn wallet:


We can track all transactions to this, this wallet is public known as a burnaddress and no one has the keys for this.

Important; Do not send to Burn Wallet directly from an exchange, or you will not get the Binance Smart Chain Version.

If you have your funds at an exchange, then send it to Metamask before sending it to the burn address.

Step 3:

We will use the same address that you used when sending the New Year Bull NYB.

You will be able to see the new tokens after you have shifted network to the Binance Smart Chain with Metamask.

Be Aware we only support Metamask with this swap and migration, we do not know which other wallets supports Binance Smart Chain and such, so we only do support with Metamask and recommend you to only use Metamask, so you are sure that you can access the tokens, when the swap has taken place.

(We state again we do not support other wallets than Metamask for this swap, so please do not ask about 50 different other wallets, we cannot be blamed if you used another wallet that do not properly support Binance Smart Chain BEP20. So make sure to follow all steps.

We will send the new (New Year Bull NYB Binance Smart Chain tokens),

back to the wallet you used when sending it to the burn address at March 26.

Final date for sending the tokens to the burn address to be able to get the new tokens will be March 25 GMT-12:00.

Step 4:

You will get your tokens at the Binance Smart Chain at March 26.

You can then access them if you have followed the guide in Step 1.

They will be accessible in the same wallet as the one you used to send it to the burn address. You just have to shift network to see them.

A big thank you to the most awesome community, the new team are looking forward to continue development at the Binance Smart Chain network.


Etherscan at Binance Smart Chain where you can track transactions is called

Pancakeswap will be the new exchange

New Contract for New Year Bull at Binance Smart Chain has been made




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